The Kampala Special Edition is out!

“Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design” a Book Review by Andreas Huemer
July 23, 2018
New Book: The Governance of Smart Transportation Systems
August 16, 2018
iglus quarterly
Sub Saharan Africa is one of the fastest urbanizing regions in the world, nonetheless presently it has the lowest urban population. The outcome of this exponential urbanization will make-or-break these cities, and it is in the hands of its people and political leaders to choose the right path. Kampala is one of these cities which is struggling with the challenges of such massive growth, and it exemplifies the transition of a medium size city. The rapid urbanization presents substantial organizational issues where informal development is ahead of traditional urban planning producing a mixture of socio-economic and spatial elements that could have the potential of unvexing the city. In the newest issue of IGLUS Quarterly, an overview of Kampala's development is present through four articles that explore the approaches taken in different challenges.
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