IGLUS Quarterly

IGLUS Quarterly is an online quarterly publication dedicated to the analysis of Governance, Innovation and Performance in Cities and is edited at École Polytechnic Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. IGLUS Quarterly aims to facilitate knowledge and experience sharing among scholars and practitioners who are interested in the improvement of urban system's performance in terms of the service efficiency, sustainability and resilience.

IGLUS Quarterly applies the highest academic standards to analyze real world initiatives that are dealing with today’s urban challenges. It bridges the gap between practitioners and scholars. IGLUS Quarterly therefore adopts a multidisciplinary perspective, simultaneously considering political, economic, social and technological dimensions of urban systems, and with a special focus on how governance affects and is affected by the use of technologies in general, and especially the pervasive application of the ICTs.


We invite interested scholars and practitioners to write short analytical articles (4-6 pages) for the IGLUS Quarterly or to become a guest editor for an issue. For more information about IGLUS Quarterly , please contact us by sending an email to Diego Giron.

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