Overview and Calendar

  • “I am learning a lot with IGLUS, but I think also connecting and chatting with like-minded people is helping me to reach my goals”
  • “By being presented with numerous opportunities to interact with key role players from both industry and academia, whether in the field or in class, new perspectives on research is provided while important research networks are formed”
  • “Priceless experience to see the world from different angles”
  • “Unique opportunity to reach out people from all over the world, all over the world”
  • “IGLUS brings together amazing people from a variety of industries, but with one common goal: use innovative ways to develop metropolitan areas”
  • “Investigation based, action research approach supported by rigorous academic literature”

Executive Master Schedule

Global Framework

Carefully selected urban governance experiences from around the world constitute as opportunities for city managers to become exposed to different and innovative ways of approaching urban systems’ governance. Each of the seven cities in which IGLUS takes place addresses urban systems’ governance from a particular angle. Taken together, this global learning journey makes up for a complete and comprehensive approach to urban governance.

9 Cities, 7 Urban Challenges

Cities and urban agglomerations are complex socio-technical systems of infrastructures (transport, water, waste, energy, housing and greens). Infrastructures play a central role in the global competitiveness of cities. They are key to achieving the performance, attractiveness and quality of life of urban systems in terms of their Efficiency, Sustainability and Resilience. The IGLUS Executive Master offers a unique opportunity to learn about innovative approaches to governing and managing complex urban infrastructures, both theoretically and practically. The Master program is structured around seven cities, each of which stands for a particular challenge and focuses on one particular performance dimension.
  • Seoul Module
  • NYC - Detroit Module
  • Kuala Lumpur Module
  • Istanbul module
  • Moscow - St. Petersburg Module
  • New Delhi
  • Lyon-Dortmund Module
  • Kampala  Module
  • Mexico module

Seoul Module will be between

20th August - 31st August

Training Series

Besides enrolling for the Executive Master, you can also enroll for only one of the IGLUS modules. Upon successful participation in a module, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance among from top 20 raking universities in the world, jointly issued by EPFL and the IGLUS-partner University in the host city.
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