IGLUS supports cities and urban regions to the transition to Metropolitan Governance, whilst serving practitioners interested in improving the performance of urban systems.

Executive Master Program

An action-learning program for urban professionals promoting the exchange of experience and knowledge about urban systems’ governance to make cities more
efficient, more sustainable and more resilient

Management of Urban Infrastructures MOOC

A comprehensive introduction to urban infrastructures, their management and and their governance

Smart Cities MOOC

An analytical introduction to the theory and practice of Smart Cities


IGLUS is a non-profit initiative of EPFL and selected partners, seeking to help cities better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the governance of their infrastructures with respect to the dimensions EfficiencySustainability, and Resilience.


IGLUS brings together practitioners (city managers, city officials, urban services providers, etc.) and academics from many different disciplines (amongst others, urban planners, architects, geographers, engineers, economists, management experts, and political scientists). IGLUS’ multidisciplinary approach focuses on infrastructures (technologies), institutions (rules), actors (organizations) and pervasive information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Executive Master

The IGLUS Executive Master is a unique degree offering a comprehensive and professional approach to sustainable governance of large urban systems 

Smart City MOOC

Smart Cities is a Massive Open Online Course that offers an introduction to the principles of management of smart urban infrastructure systems 


Management of Urban Infrastructures is a Massive Open Online Course that offers an introduction to the principles of management of urban infrastructure systems 


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IGLUS Quarterly

IGLUS Quarterly is an online quarterly publication dedicated to the analysis of Governance, Innovation and Performance in Cities 

IGLUS Quarterly Volume 5 – Issue 1 is out!

Due to the severe effects of global …

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Tracking the Smart City

Tracking the Smart City

Photo credits: Andrés Chiriboga“Smart City” is a highly desirable label to link it with the performance of a city anywhere in the world; but, at the moment of specifying its definition and scope, very diverse conceptualizations appear. The same is true when trying to...

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Seoul Module Video Testimonial

In the Seoul module we address the technological challenges that all large urban infrastructure systems face today. Particular attention will be paid to the role information and communication technologies play in making cities more efficient. This module is organized in collaboration with the Sungkyunkwan University.

New Book: The Governance of Smart Transportation Systems is out from Springer

‘The Governance of Smart Transportation Systems: Towards New Organizational Structures for the Development of Shared, Automated, Electric and Integrated Mobility’ is going to be published by Springer in September 2019.

How do you define the concept of “smart city”?
Check out Xavier Sanchez’s insights on the topic !


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