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“I had the pleasure to teach about Smart cities in the IGLUS master class. Students’ interest was very big and I highly appreciated the intensive interaction with the students. They participated intensively with their own experiences and it was very interesting for the class as well as for me to learn about the different challenges and solutions in their cities.”

Norbert Ender

Smart City Leader

“IGLUS is a very innovative executive masters program, which brings together professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. The program is structured in a country- and topic- specific way, addressing major urban issues of each metropolitan city. Each module provides a unique perspective on urban development combining theory with practice. Participation of major international firms and institutions also offers a practical approach to issues with real life solutions.”

Yannis Evmolpidis

Advisor to the Mayor of Athens

“In a world where large and complex urban systems knit humans and their environment in an inextricable relationship, IGLUS is uniquely designed to train professionals who can manage this relationship effectively by engaging trainees in pragmatic research, seminars and exercises that challenge them to think critically and innovatively through situations and scenarios where the foremost constant is uncertainty.”

Prof. Jerry Kolo

Professor of Urban Planning American - University of Sharjah

“I have been teaching for two years in the IGLUS Executive Master, both in Istanbul and Dubai modules on Public Private Partnerships and optimization of existing transportation infrastructures; The IGLUS way of teaching city level public mangers in all kind of aspects on how to make their cities smarter, more sustainable, more livable and financially sound is something that I particularly enjoy; The lively discussions with students who bring in their own practical experience, diverse backgrounds and own pressing real life questions add much to the learning experience, for both lecturers and participants.”

Dr. Christoph Rothballer

Expert Principal - The Boston Consulting Group

“IGLUS master program has been an incredible experience. Traveling all around the world studying and understanding the different urban systems in all the different continents from Asia to Africa through Europe and America. Thanks to the organizers, but most of all thanks to the amazing participants. It is amazing how much you can learn from people. Diversity is always the key.”

Lorenzo Rubinho

Technical Manager - Altea Energia S.p.A.

“It was a great pleasure to teach at IGLUS, a program with students from all over the world who are motivated to learn. The students came with a breadth of background experience that made for rich and cross-cultural exploration of urban governance issues and challenges.”

Prof. Aybike Ongel

Principal Investigator at TUMCREATE, IMVS Team - Development of autonomous & electric public transportation vehicles

“After attending my first module in Seoul, June 2016, I can say that IGLUS Master is a great tool to find out and to learn about several subjects (financing, transportation, water, waste, governance, participation…) managed at a large scale and faced from public and private sectors points of view. Challenges for the present, and of course, for the future, taught by excellent lecturers in an amazing interdisciplinary academic atmosphere which encourages to participate with the rest of students.”

Jesus Rabanal Torres

Legal Advisor to Department of Traffic and Mobility - Madrid City Hall

“IGLUS is a unique program that brings all the dimensions of urban systems together, to provide comprehensive solutions to build and manage our cities better. The program is structured in a way that you learn from both theories and practice, from high level academics and practitioners, differently in each module, since each of the modules focuses on a specific urban challenge. This program is made for you if you are interested in providing innovative solutions to make our cities a better place to live in.”

Noora Mohamed Ali

Senior Engineer - the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications

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