The design of a city strongly influences how people in the city feel and behave. Whether the result is intentional or not, urban design defines the future of a city and its residents. In his book “Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design”, Charles Montgomery raises the question what the goals of a city should be and concludes that it should make its residents happy. After reading Montgomery’s book I cannot agree more. The author discusses aspects of happiness and how they are influenced by the structures and processes in a city. The book is full of examples and cases and information about the complex relationships between things that exist or happen in a city. I have created a diagram that attempts to compress the extensive information in the book and to provide a visual overview. This should make it easier for myself and others to derive conclusions for our own needs. My goal is to identify areas where Information and Communication Technologies are used to make residents happier and I have written a book review with this goal in mind.

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