Call for contributions to our new IGLUS Newsletter on the following topic:

Ports in Cities – the governance challenges

If you are interested to contribute to our new IGLUS newsletter with a short article on Ports in Cities, pls contact Prof. Matthias Finger, the IGLUS director, with a short email explaining your reference case (city, port) and your personal take on the corresponding governance issue at before May 30 th , 2023 and the length of the article needs to be: 1000 +/- 200 words. If accepted, your article should be due by July 15 th , 2023 to be published on September 15 th , 2023.

IGLUS Newsletter (as of 2023)

The IGLUS Newsletter is the successor of the IGLUS Quarterly and will be pushed more actively on social media. It will feature more (6-10) and sharper articles (1 page each) which will mainly serve as a resource as a means to create topical IGLUS platforms. Articles will be heavily curated by the IGLUS team. Look out for calls for contribution with the first IGLUS Newsletter appearing early April 2023.

IGLUS newsletter

contributors’ guidelines

The IGLUS newsletter offers a new publication format to capture the perspectives of the different stakeholders involved in the governance of a particular novel urban challenge. Contributions consist of a one page (500 word) document covering the following aspects:

– what are the main governance issues posed by the urban challenge at hand?
– what governance feateures have proven effective so far? (if appropriate)
– how should the governance of this urban challenge evolve in the future?
– if you can, give one or two real-world examples
– please indicate some references for further reading, inluding contributions of your own
– no visuals, figures or tables, just plain text

So far, we have identified the following topics (urban governance challenges):

– how to govern ports in cities / port cities? (deadline for submission of your contribution : April 15th, 2023)
– the challenges of governing green and blue urban infratsructures (June 15th, 2023)
– digital urban mobility: how to govern urban mobility data? (September 15th, 2023)
– waste management: governing the circular urban economy (November 15th, 2023)
– drones and the governance of urban airspace (January 15th, 2024)

IGLUS newsletter contributors’ application form

Please check in regularly as the list of topics evolves over time. Also feel free to propose topics of urban governance challenges of your own, which, after approval, will be featured here.

Please submit your contributions, suggestions for topics or inquiries to


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