This year’s first round of MOOC case study competition is now over and all reports that were submitted in time have been evaluated.

 There are two IGLUS MOOCs running on Coursera, edX and Courseware platforms. The first IGLUS MOOC, Management of Urban Infrastructures, was launched in 2016 and the second one, Smart Cities, in 2017. Each of these free training offerings has more than 15,000 enrollments now and it is likely that this trend will continue. In addition, there will be a third MOOC within this year and we will provide more details on our website very soon.

 As a part of this online learning experience, we regularly hold ‘case study competitions’. Interested MOOC learners prepare and submit case studies in line with their takeaways from our MOOCs. Then, these reports are evaluated and the best three are selected. Winners receive a partial scholarship for our executive master program and their case studies are published on our website. And the winners of this year’s first competition are:

Xavier Sánchez – Quito: The Road Towards Smart Mobility

Nicolas Ruchti – Divonne-les-Bains, Smart Mobility, Smart City

Basobi Sheel – GURUGRAM – the Happening City

We congratulate the three winners and thank everyone who were interested in our competition and submitted a case study.


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