This is an update for all followers of IGLUS. We indeed feel the need to inform you about our new course design, as it has developed since the Covid-19 outbreak last year.

Ever since our first executive master training module in 2014 that took place in Mexico City, we have visited different cities from around the world to have on-site experiences and acquire first-hand knowledge. Our alumni and those who are interested in our master program are surely aware of this approach. However, due to travel restrictions after the pandemic, we have evaluated the options in order to continue our learning journey. Online teaching was something we were already accustomed to. We already had two MOOCs on Coursera back then and were in the course of launching the third one. As we knew we would not be able to travel, we adopted the same approach for our executive master program and have observed that, even if it is not the same experience as in physical modules with site visits, we can still continue IGLUS.

Traditionally, we have visited a city every three months for two weeks; Dortmund, Lyon, NYC, Detroit, Mexico City, Seoul, New Delhi and Nairobi to name just a few. For two weeks, we covered almost all urban infrastructures in lectures on transport, energy, housing, water/wastewater/waste and cross-cutting topics such as smart cities, sustainability, resilience and efficiency. Of course, there were some unique topics or site visits based on the location; local government bankruptcy in Detroit and large-scale projects in Istanbul are some examples. When we considered organizing online modules after the pandemic, we realized that we cannot continue the same approach. Therefore, we have organized four thematic online modules since (smart cities, transport, energy and housing). These modules are a combination of MOOCs, recorded and live online lectures. There are pre-assignments based on selected readings and post-assignments based on recorded lectures, in a similar fashion as physical modules. The number of live lectures and discussions are limited due to time constraints, as we have participants from all over the world. On the other hand, MOOCs, assignments and recorded lectures provide participants some flexibility since they can complete them in a self-paced manner.

We wanted to inform you about online training in IGLUS with this post as we are having a lot of queries regarding our master program and its current situation. We will revert to our physical format as soon as we can, yet we are planning to keep some parts online from now on. We may reduce the physical presence required to 8 days and complement it with recorded or live online lectures in the future. In the meantime, we encourage you to apply to our master program. Perhaps, online education is more preferable for some of you for the time being and in the future.

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