The Chair MIR of EPFL organizes events independently of the IGLUS Executive Master. The aim is to promote a dialogue between actors from various backgrounds within the domain of urban infrastructure systems and governance.

Expert Workshops are designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among researchers on IGLUS related topics and practitioners in specific disciplines and sectors such as urban energy systems, transportation, governance, methodology, etc.

Inaugural Workshops: we conduct workshops in cities to initiate new collaborations, define new research projects and analyze factors affecting the performance of urban infrastructures. In these workshops, experts involved in the governance of urban infrastructure systems in the host city share their own ideas and we discuss possible ways of collaboration.

Research Seminars aim to gather young researchers to discuss topics related to IGLUS programs and research projects related to aspects such as urban governance, infrastructure planning, socio-technical systems, etc.

Event Requests

We are interested in organizing expert workshops in different cities around the world in order to discuss the dynamics of urban infrastructure governance, lessons learned in conducting different projects, limitations and barriers, the experience of urban experts in operations and management, and the relationships between social factors and urban infrastructures. As part of these workshops, we negotiate possible collaborations and seek to involve more cities in the IGLUS training modules.If you are interested in organizing a joint event with the IGLUS lab, please contact us.