In this work, the traffic problems in Athens city are discussed, and a new framework for the real-time identification of traffic accidents in cities is proposed. The framework transcends technological, economic and societal implications of traffic accidents in cities. The requirement of establishing such a system at the city level is clarified, and the technological and organizational means through which the task of the real-time monitoring of traffic accidents can be achieved are described as well. The adoption of the proposed framework could increase the responsiveness and efficacy of city authorities in dealing with traffic accidents in their jurisdictional boundaries, identify any “bottleneck” areas, determine the economic and societal impact of traffic accidents, and act as the basis of informed policy making procedures accounting for undisputable facts regarding the outlook of traffic accidents in a given city. The proposed framework aims to become an indispensable part of the governance structures that the city officials of inclusive, smart and responsive cities utilize both for everyday activities as well as the aggregated inputs needed for investigating a number of alternative policy frameworks to address the challenges posed by traffic accidents’ presence.

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