IGLUS Reports

IGLUS Reports are online publications dedicated to the analysis of specific aspects of governance of large urban systems. They are edited by École Polytechnic Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, in collaboration with IGLUS partners worldwide.

IGLUS Reports aims to facilitate knowledge, experience and best practice sharing among the various urban stakeholders, who are involved in improving the sustainability, resilience and performance of urban areas.

Analysis real-world initiatives

IGLUS Reports apply the highest academic standards to analyse real-world initiatives that are dealing with today’s urban challenges. It bridges the gap between practitioners and scholars. IGLUS Reports therefore adopts a multidisciplinary perspective, simultaneously considering political, economic, social and technological dimensions of urban systems.

Urban Regeneration and the Financing of Affordable Housing

How to finance affordable housing in urban regeneration projects? This question has been addressed by the action-research project carried out this year by IGLUS with DistritoTec and the C+Lab of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico. Using DistritoTec as a case study, this report explores viable solutions that could be locally adapted and tested to ensure the provision of affordable housing. Discover the study on our website.

Do street vendors have a right to the city?

Five years after the enactment of the Street Vendors Act 2014, India’s street vendors continue to be labeled as encroachers and face evictions. Everyone depends on hawkers for affordable goods and services. About 2.5 percent of India’s urban population is engaged in street vending. Street vending is a part of the informal economy in India…

Economic Sustainability of European Business Aviation Airports

An airport is one of the core infrastructures of an urban area and its economic impact is substantial – either on metropolitan or regional level. This becomes evident, regarding the mega airports, which are currently being constructed in Istanbul, Dubai and Shanghai. Each of them claims to develop the largest airport in the world connecting a metropolitan area…